4mC plays an essential role in in DNA repair, expression and replication. The accurate identification of the 4mC sites should provide in-depth research to biological functions and mechanisms. However, experimentally identifying 4mC sites are time-consuming and costly, especially for the rapid accumulation of gene sequences. Thus, it is urgently needed to be supplemented by other efficient computational methods.

4mCPred is a web server for identifying 4mC sites in C.elegans, A.thaliana, D.melanogaster, E.coli, G.subterraneus and G.pickeringii, It consists of two independent models called 4mCPred_I and 4mCPred_II for each species, respectively. Briefly, to identify the useful features of position-specific trinucleotide propensity composition (PSTNP) and electron-ion interaction potential (EIIP), the F-score values were adopted not only to build up the predictive model, but also to compare with the prediction model of feature PSTNP.