As the chief actors within the cells, protein’s interaction with nucleic acid involves many vital activities that are extremely important in the cellular process, such as transcription, translation, and DNA repair,therefore, the study on nucleic acid-protein binding activities can help to uncover the network or even the mechanism of related cellular process.
PNIDB is database of protein-nucleic acid binding interactions identified by protein structure on the Protein Data Bank(PDB), as well as a collection of functional classified nucleic binding proteins based on ligand type and mmCIF keywords, each entry in PNIDB contains a comprehensive list of following annotations:

  • PDB entry of the structure
  • Protein chain ID
  • protein chain molecule name
  • nucleic acid-binding residues
  • nucleic acid-binding protein sequence
  • nucleic acid chain id
  • protein binding nucleotide
  • protein binding nucleic acid sequence
  • the interaction type
  • the classification
  • cross-link to Uniprot
Release notes
PNIDB was released by Professor Quan Zou's research group at Tianjin University.