miRNA and Methylation CUP Origin Predictor

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(1) This webserver supports 14 tissues for miRNA expression profiles: Bladder, Breast, Bile Duct, Colorectal, Esophagus, Head and Neck, Kidney Chromophobe, Kidney Renal Clear Cell, Liver, Lung, Prostate, Stomach, Thyroid, Uterus; and 14 tissues for DNA methylation profiles: Bladder, Breast, Colorectal, Esophagus, Head and Neck, Kidney Renal Clear Cell, Kidney Renal Papillary Cell, Liver, Lingual squamous cell, Lung, Pancreas, Prostate, Thyroid, Uterus;
(2) Be sure your uploaded data have been processed by imputing NA, Normalization and log2 transformation.

Feature Selection and Random forest:

miRNA-based Classifier: 1-level feature selection (differential miRNAs expressed analysis) + random forest;
DNAm-based Classifier: 2-level feature selection (differential CpGs methylated analysis+ Maximum-Relevance-Maximum-Distance (MRMD)) + random forest.

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For the related research, please refer to the following manuscript:
Wei Tang, Shixiang Wan, Quan Zou. Efficient Prediction of Tumor Origin through Identification of Tissue-Specific biomarkers based on miRNA expression and DNA methylation. [manuscript]
For the research issue, please contact: Wei Tang (wtang@tju.edu.cn)
For the webserver issue, please contact: Shixiang Wan (shixiangwan@gmail.com )

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