miRNA and Methylation CUP Origin Predictor

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This webserver supports 14 tissues for miRNA expression profiles: Bladder, Breast, Bile Duct, Colorectal, Esophagus, Head and Neck, Kidney Chromophobe, Kidney Renal Clear Cell, Liver, Lung, Prostate, Stomach, Thyroid, Uterus;
And 14 tissues for DNA methylation profiles: Bladder, Breast, Colorectal, Esophagus, Head and Neck, Kidney Renal Clear Cell, Kidney Renal Papillary Cell, Liver, Lingual squamous cell, Lung, Pancreas, Prostate, Thyroid, Uterus.


This webserver embedded miRNA-based classifier and DNAm-based classifier (2nd feature selection is MRMD).
Be sure your uploaded miRNA expression profiles have been processed by imputing NA, the expression values were logarithmically transformed (base 2) and quantile normalized, and your DNAm profiles have been preprocessed by BMIQ_1.4 (Beta MIxture Quantile dilation).

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For the related research topic, please refer to the following manuscript:
Wei Tang, Shixiang Wan, Zhen Yang , Andrew E. Teschendorff and Quan Zou. Tumor Origin Detection with Tissue-Specific miRNA and DNA methylation Markers. [manuscript]
For the research issue, please contact the Wei Tang (wtang@tju.edu.cn)
For the webserver issue, please contact Shixiang Wan (shixiangwan@gmail.com)

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