70ProPred is a web server for identifying sigma70 promoters in prokaryote. In prokaryotic, the promoter is recognized by RNA polymerase and an associated sigma factor, which in turn are often brought to the promoter DNA by an activator protein’s binding to its own DNA binding site nearby. One of the known factors is σ70 , which regulates the transcription of most of housekeeping genes under normal conditions.

In the present study, we developed a novel bioinformatics tool to predict σ70 promoter by the position-specific trinucletide propensity (PSTNP) feature extraction in combination with the electron-ion interaction pseudopotentials (EIIPs) of nucleotides. Finally 79 features of PSTNPSS combined with 64 features of PseEIIP yielded the best performance for identifying σ70 promoters and non-promoters. Based on the results obtained by jackknife test, 70ProPred significantly outperforms existing prediction model, and should be useful for identifying σ70 promoter.